The Office of the Fujian Provincial Government recently forwarded the notice of the Provincial Information Technology Bureau on "Several Measures for the Promotion and Application of LED Lighting Products in Fujian Province", clarifying that it will strive to achieve the universal use of LED lighting products in the public lighting field by the end of 2015, and the province will achieve a year-on-year basis. Lighting energy (electricity) is more than 50%, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 400,000 tons per year, driving the province's LED industry to add more than 50 billion yuan in output value.

According to the notice, Fujian Province will take the lead in promoting the application of LED lighting products in the lighting engineering field of roads and administrative institutions, state-owned enterprises and institutions, and other financial or state-owned capital investment projects. The above-mentioned new lighting projects use LED lighting products, and the existing lighting projects have been built. Implement phased batch transformation; encourage commercial public lighting to promote the application of LED lighting products, and accelerate the demonstration and promotion of LED lighting products in non-public lighting.

Before the end of 2013, three counties (districts) such as Yunxiao County, Liancheng County and Chengxiang District of Fujian Province completed the renovation of LED lighting in public places invested by the county (district) by fiscal or state-owned capital; before the end of 2014, the provinces The city must have at least one county (city, district) to complete the LED lighting renovation of the public places invested by the county or city (district) by fiscal or state-owned capital. The demonstration counties (cities, districts) that have achieved remarkable results in the promotion and application of LED lighting products are rewarded by the provincial finance.

     This is a compact American standard single output Wifi Smart Socket, which can be controlled by mobile phone software, controlled by RF remote control, with remote control function, countdown function and timer function. It can be used with third-party voice assistant ECHO and Google Home for voice control.

     The product has a button and an indicator light on the side of the housing. There are two types of button operations: tap and long press.

  • Tap the switch of the Control Socket. When it is turned on, the indicator light is on, and when it is off, it is off;
  • Long press to enter the EZ distribution network status, the indicator light flashes quickly. At this time, the EZ configuration method can be used to distribute the network.
  • Press and hold again when flashing, the AP will be connected to the network. The indicator blinks slowly. In this case, you can configure the network according to the AP configuration method.
Outlet Rf Ground Stake

6-outlet Outdoor Ground Stake

6-Outlet Ground Stake,Timer Plug Socket,Remote Control Power Outlet,Countdown Timer Plug Socket

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