Qiao Yida had some changes in her mind at the time. At the same time, she did not want to spend too much time and energy on this matter. She thinks that concessions can speed up the negotiation. Therefore, she reduced the compensation requirements, and 10,000 yuan can be accepted. This facsimile has nothing like the news of mud and cattle entering the sea. One week passed and my friend was ready to give in again.

Qiao Yida's psychology: She hopes that the other party will make full compensation in accordance with the requirements. If the other side can agree that it is undoubtedly the best outcome of the negotiations, both sides can go west and east and die each other. But perhaps her expectations will fail. If the company treats employees in such a manner, some problems can be properly resolved before they leave the company. They do not have to face each other face to face, and all other employees do not have labor insurance. At this point, I am afraid. The other party will not easily compromise, otherwise all other employees will ask for it, and this company is definitely considered an "extra expense."

Another option for her is to go to the court to sue the company. Although this is a normal procedure, it also involves new issues. The first is to pay a legal fee. If necessary, it will also involve the lawyer service fee. The amount of the claim will not be much. There will be very little left after the deduction. This is based on winning the case, just like The jargon in the stock market: Win the index and lose money. Secondly, she has never been to court and knows nothing about the procedures and methods of doing things. At the same time, she is worried that the other party's lawyer will find many problems in your lawsuit, just like the lawyers in the movies who are savage and eloquent. , Makes sense to become irrational, after all, they are professionals. If things are dragged on so far indefinitely, it is definitely not good for themselves.

Qiao Yida believes that it is better to solve privately, but the other person's demand for her is neither certain nor denied. I can't guess what they really think. Is it that the compensation is too high or simply not intended to bear this ratio? If it is the former, one can consider making certain concessions. The amount of money is also acceptable. It is better than nothing. If the latter is miserable, I am afraid that they have already prepared for labor arbitration and they have no chance of winning. Based on the above analysis, Qiao Yida finally decided to reduce the compensation costs and make quick decisions.

Evaluation of Qiao Yida's negotiation method: In my understanding, she is a good player in her work, but she is not flattered in terms of negotiation. In this case, she committed a principled error because of lack of experience: she modified her proposal before receiving her suggestion. She always worries about how the other party will be. In fact, these are all subjective speculations. There is no real evidence, and they have not yet figured out what the other team is doing. They will arbitrarily change their own thinking, and they will change it several times. This is negotiating. Taboo.

How can she decide that the other person is really indifferent? Will there be no scruples? The other party also has a fatal dead spot, but you do not see it. If the other party sees you as innocent and fluffy, it will certainly strengthen its strategy of not moving in order to remain unchanged until it drives her crazy.

My suggestion here is to shut up immediately after making recommendations, and it will be a long period of time, which may have unexpected effects on improving the situation of negotiation.

The psychology of the person in charge of the company: In fact, the strategic choice of the enterprise side is full of risks, and there is a lot of back-to-back tactics. The first thing to be sure is that enterprises will never be willing to rule on the merits of the court. Winning or defeating wins or loses is a secondary factor for them. Enterprises are more of a foreign image. If this matter must be seen in the courtroom, then this is a scandal for the company. Losing money is a trivial matter for the company. After all, it is not too large. It is completely affordable. The impact of the business on the company is enormous, and the extent of its losses is difficult to measure with money.

When a company violates the minimum social morality and acts in flagrant violation of the policies and regulations formulated by the state, how will consumers assess the company? Will they continue to consume the company's products as they have always done? Will elite talent in the industry join this company?

Our conclusion is: Businesses must not be confronted with internal employees. This labor dispute must be resolved privately. If Qiao Yida realizes this, he will not easily give in.

The company's decision to solve it in private does not mean that it will agree to the other party's request. The responsible person will take into account the feelings of other employees. If you agree with Qiao Yida's compensation requirements, what if the other employees request the same? The only way is to drive down the amount of compensation and let the staff think that it is indeed not profitable. Therefore, the negotiating master took a silent tactic and made Ms. Qiao Yida lose her balance and she has almost achieved victory in the negotiations.

Evaluation of the enterprise's negotiation mode: In summary, the enterprise side is not as indestructible as Qiao Yida imagines. They also have fatal weaknesses, but they cover up better. After all, they are experienced negotiators. There is indeed no disappointment in everyone's style. The negotiating company has gained a phased advantage, relying on reasonable negotiation strategies and the person in charge, and of course, Qiao Yida's youth.

Just before the start of the negotiations, the company did not have any advantages. After all, it was up to them to lose out. In the strict sense, there was no chance of success and the defeat was set. However, the miracle happened. With the deepening of the negotiations, the enterprise has magically defeated and won, and has taken absolute advantage. Under normal circumstances, this advantage will continue until the end of the negotiations.

This is negotiating. The outcome is often the result of a missed debate. The cards in the hands are either good or bad and do not completely determine the final outcome. The key is to look at the skills and wisdom of the people in the game. Even a bad card can bring back death. On the contrary, If there is a lack of relevant skills, a good hand can also be lost.