Domestic sensor enterprise market competition At present, there are 1,688 enterprises in China engaged in the development, production and application of sensors, but only MEMS development and production of more than 50, but the scale and application are smaller. Without sufficient application of scale, China's sensors have low technology and high prices. In the international market, companies in old industrial countries such as Germany, Japan, Japan, and Russia dominate the sensor market.

In contrast, the application range of China's sensors is narrow, and more applications still remain in basic application areas such as industrial measurement and control. Relying on this, the Chinese sensor market is very competitive.

The high-end demand of China's sensor industry relies heavily on imports, and the localization gap is huge. At present, the import of sensors accounts for 80%, and the proportion of sensor chip imports accounts for 90%. The demand for localization is urgent.

At present, from the perspective of the entire sensor field, although the technology is stable, the threshold is low. The direction of the future can only be sophisticated. The development of the Internet of Things will greatly promote the development of the sensor field, which will have great applications in the fields of energy, intellisense, security monitoring, and environmental protection. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of the entire industry will reach more than 60 billion yuan, and the localization rate will reach over 70%.

The development prospects and application fields of sensors are constantly expanding. Whether it is the automation industry or the construction of smart cities, including the development trend of the Internet of Things, it all shows that the sensor industry will usher in brilliant development.

Recalling the rapid development of the Chinese sensor industry, there are also some unfavorable factors. For example, there is a weak industrial foundation in terms of product technology, a disconnect between technology and production, a low level of product technology, a lack of product types, and weak product R&D capabilities. However, on the other hand, the country continues to formulate strategies and policies that are conducive to the development of the sensor industry. The rapid development of the whole-system system market and the continuous promotion of emerging technologies have also become favorable factors for the development of sensor networks.

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