Microsoft plans to announce more details on more Windows 10 VR headsets at the December conference and will see more discussions and news about the Microsoft Virtual Reality program.

Support for virtual reality has become an important part of Microsoft's next update of the Creators Update for Windows 10 system PCs. Both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have launched their own customized software platform, and Microsoft itself has also tried to create its own Windows Holographic. Virtual Reality Platform and the same environment as its own HoloLens augmented reality device. Now the software giant said that its Windows 10 VR headset will start selling at $299 (about RMB2060) and officially announced its own minimum configuration requirements for PC hardware for VR devices.

In the latest Windows 10 beta release, Microsoft announced a "Windows Holographic First Run" application to usher in test hardware compatibility. According to foreign media tests on various hardware PCs, Microsoft's minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 VR include:


USB 3.0 connection;

Support DirectX 12 graphics card;

Quad-core processor (overclock dual-core);

From the above configuration point of view, for those users who are interested in virtual reality, but do not want to invest too much in the PC is good news, after all, the above configuration most of the PC hardware can be easily achieved. However, we also need to focus on what level of games and applications will be compatible with this platform in the future.

Microsoft plans to announce more details on more Windows 10 VR headsets at the December conference. However, there are currently no hardware devices such as the HTC Vive that can fully run the Holographic platform. Therefore, we predict that in the coming weeks, we will see more discussion and news about Microsoft's virtual reality program.

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