The US Department of Energy (DOE) released the LED Environmental Test Report and the Environmental Lighting Report, the third part of the entire report on LED environmental testing, revealing the scientific research on the environmental impact of LEDs.

DOE's "LED Environmental Test" report focuses on investigating the presence of toxic elements in LED lighting. The previous two reports examined the energy consumption of LED luminaires, including the energy consumption needed to manufacture, operate, and dispose of products; the second report focused on their direct and indirect, material and process impacts.

The results of the final report show that the toxic elements contained in LED lights are usually below the US limit. The first two reports concluded that LEDs have far less environmental impact than incandescent lamps and slightly smaller than compact fluorescent lamps. The advantages of LEDs will continue to increase as technology advances. The report points out that the average energy consumption of LEDs and CFLs is similar, accounting for about a quarter of incandescent lamp consumption (see chart). However, if LED lights meet their performance goals, energy use in their life cycle is expected to decrease by about one-half by 2015.

In addition, the most energy-intensive lifecycle stages of all three types of lamps are the “use” phase, which accounts for an average of 90% of the energy in the entire life cycle. This is followed by the manufacturing and transportation phases, where less than one percent of life-cycle energy is consumed in all types of lamps.

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