The development of core technologies is the only way to master the destiny of the Internet, obtain reasonable profits from the global division of labor, and build a network power. It is also an important strategy to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, ensure the safety of manufacturing, and build a powerful country.

Developing core information technology is the only way to build "two powerful countries"

At the symposium on cybersecurity and informatization, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "network information technology is the world's most concentrated investment in R&D, the most active innovation, the most widely used, and the largest technological innovation field in the use of radiation," while emphasizing that core technology is the focus of the country. It is also the biggest "life gate" for us to develop.

Along with the development of global economic integration, the division of information industry is gradually refined, and it is more and more difficult for a single country to realize the monopoly of large-particle technology. The determination of developing countries to upgrade their core technological capabilities also affects the game mentality of technologically superior countries. On the one hand, major developed countries in the world consolidate their core technological advantages On November 2 this year, the US Secretary of Commerce delivered an important speech on the development of the semiconductor industry, emphasizing its importance to the US social economy and national security, and pointed out the various policies adopted by other countries including China to promote the rise of the semiconductor industry. A threat to the global semiconductor industry landscape. On the other hand, step up to create a new system of intelligent manufacturing. The European and American countries represented the "advanced manufacturing strategy" and "industrial 4.0 strategy" as the representative, and took the lead in building a strategic system for national manufacturing reform.

A new generation of core information technology is booming

With the development of ICT technology, Moore's Law, which is based on the scaling of feature size and scale, is approaching the physical limit. The iterative cycle of traditional information system technology is slowing down. Moore's Law has opened up multi-domain integrated innovation, making information products and services have all things connected. The ubiquitous ability of perception. The traditional operating system accelerates the development of the network operating system, prompting the information industry to accelerate the pace of integration of multiple access technologies, and to give the intelligent products a sense of data acquisition capabilities. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the comprehensive ability of intelligent sensing, intelligent analysis, human-machine collaboration, and intelligent application will be improved, which will create true wisdom. International leading companies actively focus on sensor interconnection and artificial intelligence, and strive to form vertical advantages in VR/AR, smart cars and intelligent manufacturing, and form comprehensive capabilities in cloud-based human-computer interaction, virtual reality and other common technologies. .

At the same time, the application engine of core information technology innovation and development is expanding. The production market and the consumer market are simultaneously transitioning from the late stage of informationization to the early stage of intelligence. There is an accelerated integration of information technology and traditional industries, and innovative production methods. With the arrival of intelligent manufacturing as the core of a new round of intelligent upgrades, the scope of industrial control information technology has expanded rapidly.

The Conditions and Restrictions of China's Core Technology Innovation Development

Core information technology is the country's heavy weapon. Key areas of innovation are imminent _VR, human-computer interaction, big data, sensors

Core information technology is the key to innovation in the key areas of the country

China's core technology started late, the foundation is weak, and the existing accumulation comes from three main lines. First, the accumulation of accumulation in the global division of labor system. In the past few decades, China's information products from simple processing to system integration, brand production, independent design, technical capabilities continue to the core components of computing, display. The production capacity of communication/computer equipment is the highest in the world. In the first three quarters of this year, China produced a total of 1.5 billion mobile phones, 267 million mobile communication base station equipment and 204 million microcomputer equipment. CPU high-end chip architecture design capabilities, mobile SoC chip design and manufacturing capabilities have been significantly improved, TFT-LCD manufacturing process has made significant progress, driving the growth of production growth in the electronic components industry, the production of electronic components in the first three quarters 2,674 billion, an increase of 6% year-on-year.

The second is to seize the opportunities of the two industries of desktop Internet and mobile Internet. Chinese enterprises have revitalized the Internet and mobile Internet innovation mechanisms, vigorously developed independent communication standards and commercial networks, and formed a number of system-level innovation technologies in the fields of mobile communication, Internet architecture, big data processing, and high-performance computing. Among them, one billion billion supercomputers, fixed and mobile domestic communication equipment have reached the international leading level, and TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE have become one of the third and fourth generation mobile communication international standards.

The third is to carry out long-term self-research and application practice in the unique field and core disciplines. In the past ten years, China has maintained relatively concentrated scientific and technological investment in basic disciplines such as microelectronics (integrated circuits) and optoelectronics (display), and has formed a large number of self-developed standards and applications in the fields of military, aerospace, electric power, railway transportation and communications. As a result, breakthroughs have been made in important technologies such as core chips, Beidou navigation, and air-ground integrated communication in some key areas, and the supply capabilities of basic materials such as integrated circuits and new displays have been gradually established, and frontiers such as quantum communication and carbon nanomaterials have been developed. the study.

However, the core technology has strong historical inheritance and systemic innovation characteristics. A few countries have formed multi-domain superior technology genes, and they have been grafted to optimize and reorganize to consolidate the favorable situation. China’s core information technology has not been fundamentally changed. . At present, the domestic manufacturing process is backward for two generations. The CPU-specific and high-performance manufacturing processes are still in their infancy. The external dependence of domestic CPU products for servers and PCs is still high. The lack of high-end IP is difficult to support the design and manufacturing development needs. The CPU ecosystem is weak and mature. In addition, in the high-performance storage, high-speed AD / DA, high-end FPGA, DSP, optical device preparation capabilities and level, the overall lag behind the international advanced level, there are a lot of shortcomings.

The key to the systematic innovation of China's core technology

In China, in the "follow-and-run" operation, it is necessary to strengthen the overall planning, and promote the technological innovation chain and the industrial chain to create an unprecedented industrial ecosystem or industrial cluster. In the core technology system innovation, we need to grasp three key points. First, gradually fill in the basic software and hardware technologies that are indispensable for industrial development. Most of these common key technologies are monopolized by a few developed countries. At the stage of global systemic reprocessing, we must concentrate on doing big things. Taking the special needs of information security in China as the starting point, strengthen the comprehensive ability of high-performance computing and storage systems, and establish personalized application products and ecological systems with Chinese characteristics. The second is to improve the horizon and organization level of the frontier layout, and to seize the opportunity technology of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, graphene, etc. from "running and running" to "running and leading". The third is to establish an information technology supply system for the industrial sector. Formulate industrial control equipment products and overall solution standards and development roadmaps, drive the development of key technologies such as chips, communication devices, and sensor components through the industrialization of complete machine products, increase the R&D investment and merger and reorganization of sensor components used in medium and high-end instrumentation, and enhance high-end traffic. Research and development of core technologies such as high-end regulating valves and high-end level/level gauges, and information physical fusion system middleware.

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