The Danish company 3XN designed the new Saxo Bank headquarters, a new online bank based in Copenhagen. The architectural design is based on the image and brand of saxo. Internal construction is open and transparent. The center of the plan building surrounds the glass roof. The main staircase in the atrium has a wind speed up to the roof house. The main building is the stock trading floor. There are also plenty of rooms to offer technical support, kitchen and entertainment area.

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Coaxial Power D-Sub Solder Cup Contacts with Mixed or Full Layout
Transmit Radio Frequency Signals

The Coaxial D-Sub have like the Power D-Subr replaced the two rows in a Standard Density connector with a coaxial contact that take up about the same size as the two rows of signal contacts. The Coaxial D-Sub is exactly the same size as the Standard Density connector but instead of example 9 positions of signal pins it has 2 power contacts , or instead of 37 positions of signals it has 8 coaxial contacts.

The Impedance for the coaxial contacts are 50Ω or 75Ω

All Signals, but different Signals
The Coaxial D-Sub with Mixed Layout mixes both coaxial contacts and signal contacts in the same connector. For example the same size as a 15 position Standard Density D-Sub you can have what we call a 7W2, which means there is 7 contacts where 2 of them are coaxial contacts, which means there are 5 signal contacts, so 5 signals and 2 coaxial. See the Layout in the Tech Specs on the bottom, there are a lot of combinations of the Mixed Layout alternative.

Antenk's Coaxial D-Sub connectors are available in 5 standard shell sizes with 23 multiple contact arrangements. These reliable, robust combination d-sub connectors allow a combination of signal and coaxial contacts in cable mount, vertical board mount & right angle board mount termination type variations.

Coaxial  D-SUB Mixed Contact Solder Cup
Coaxial d-sub for a variety of applications in cable mount.
Signal contacts come pre-loaded. Coaxial contacts supplied - Not Pre-Loaded.

Available in 5 standard shell sizes with 23 multiple contact arrangements: 1W1/ 2V2 /2W2 /3V3/ 3W3/ 5W1/ 5W5

/ 7W2/ 8W8/ 9W4/ 11W1/ 13W3/ 13W6 /17W2/ 17W5 /21W1/ 21W4/ 24W7/ 25W3 /27W2/ 36W4/ 43W2/ 47W1

Allows combination of signal and coaxial d-sub contacts.

Shell: Steel, nickel plated
Insulator: PBT + 30% fiber-glass - Black, U.L. rated 94V-O
Contacts: Brass - Gold flash over nickel

Panel Cut-Outs
5W1 = Standard 9 pin Shell
3W3 / 3W3K / 7W2 / 11W1 = Standard 15 pin Shell
5W5 / 9W4 / 13W3 / 17W2 / 21W1= Standard 25 pin Shell
8W8 / 21WA4 = Standard 37 pin Shell
Other Contact Arrangements Available Upon Request.

Coaxial Power D-Sub Solder Cup

Coaxial D-Sub Connector, Coaxial D-Sub with Mixed Layout, Coaxial D-Sub with Mixed with Full Layout,Coaxial D-Sub Male, Coaxial D-Sub Female

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