Dannyelle Trofe, the Brookson design studio, brought the idea of ​​two LED Hourglass Lamps. The working principle of these two hourglass lamps is to skillfully convert the kinetic energy of the falling sand into the electric energy needed to illuminate the LED. This design makes the user have to participate in it. After the sand on one side is leaked, the LED must be manually turned over. Achieving a sustainable energy supply that promotes awareness of the limits of energy.

For industrial control environment wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment. Wired communication equipment mainly introduces serial equipment communication for industrial field, professional bus-type communication, industrial Ethernet communication and conversion equipment between various communication protocols, including routers, switches, modems and other equipment. Wireless communication equipment mainly includes wireless AP, wireless bridge, wireless network card, wireless lightning arrester, antenna and other equipment. Communications also include military communications and civilian communications

Communication Circuit Board

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