Whether it is operating kitchen appliances or other electrical appliances, the store has an important main guideline: listen to → interest → gaze → introduction → visual experience → welcome reception. This main line is through the exquisite store image, warmly welcoming the reception, to obtain a good visual experience of the customer, so as to patiently listen to the professional introduction of the sales staff, and to maintain a kind of attention and mood, to stimulate their understanding of the brand The interest of the product will finally enable the customer to listen carefully and extend the time of the customer's stay. This means that the sales communication time is extended, so that the customer's needs can be better understood and the brand-specific solution service can be provided. The possibility of closing the transaction has increased.

The sales process is the process of increasing the amount of trust, so the store sales staff needs to master the skills and essentials of the following ten trusts.

Impressions: The first thing customers see is the image of the store and the atmosphere of the decoration. The body language and reception presentation of the customer is an important factor in determining the impression of the customer. Meeting customers is the key to building a good customer first impression. A focused and smooth presentation will deepen customer impressions.

Honor: An effective measure to enhance trust is to obtain a certificate of honor for a brand or product to support it as a safe and reliable product, such as “China Famous Brand” and “China Green Product” by Cohen Kitchen Appliances. These honorary sales personnel must be proficient in and use.

Face weight: An important factor in motivating customers to make purchasing decisions is the quality of their mood. In the process of introducing the product, we must always praise the customer with enthusiasm, give the customer a face, let the customer feel respected, and have a face and face. Of course, in the process of praise, we must pay attention to moderation and sincerity, and at the same time, we must be associated with our own brand.

Information Quantity: The core of customer-based sales is SPIN's question-based sales skills, which provide a profound analysis of reasonable questions to customers. Four types of questions are the key issues for obtaining transaction information, which are situational and difficult. Inclusion type problem, demand return type problem.

Professional explanation of the amount (core weight): high-quality explanation requires clear logic, smooth oral expression, professional terminology in place, and reasonable use of body language. Emphasize product shape and name, explain specific materials, design highlights, and selling points.

Case weight: As the saying goes, facts speak louder than words! A real case is worthy of hundreds of professional explanations. Therefore, the sales staff should make good use of the customer cases that have been sold in the store, and carry out case-based explanations to let the case generate trust weight.

Design volume: Design service is a unique part of the store. Conditional stores can use the advanced equipment such as high-definition plasma TV box and large-screen projector to provide customers with more powerful design services, effectively satisfying customers' needs and bringing customers closer. The demand, close the distance of customers, and enhance the trust of customers.

Mood: An important reason why customers can make purchasing decisions quickly is that the shopping process is easy, enjoys the distinguished and personalized service, and gets the biggest benefits that they think, and the shopping mood is very good.

Strength: In the process of sales explanation, there is also an important explanation about the introduction of the brand's comprehensive strength level, the explanation of brand and production, the design concept, and the fact of innovation. This is also a dispelling customer's purchase doubts and enhancements. An important part of customer trust.

Service size: Good service is the fundamental guarantee of the transaction. Warmly and thoughtfully explain the brand and provide customers with one-stop sales, delivery, installation and maintenance services, so that customers can completely eliminate the concerns of choosing the brand and improve the trust at the service level.

Therefore, the engine of sales transactions is trust: trust comes from confidence, confidence comes from understanding, understanding comes from contact, contact comes from feeling, and feeling comes from participation!

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