Wuhan Optoelectronics National Laboratory (Finance) Micro-optical Electromechanical Systems Research Department and Huazhong University of Science and Technology Energy School successfully packaged light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with a power of up to 1500 watts using technology with independent intellectual property rights in China. Experts say that this is the world's most powerful LED light source.
Relevant experts from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Education have recently fully affirmed this internationally advanced scientific research achievement in Wuhan.

It is understood that LED light source is a new technology that can convert solar energy into light energy. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, safety, fast response, rich color, and controllability. Next, it is considered to be the best way to achieve energy saving. At home and abroad, the use of this light source has been used to produce floodlights, buried lights, lawn lights, guardrail lights, aquarium lights, etc., which are widely used in various scenic spots or urban lighting projects.

This newly-developed semiconductor lighting source in China has been stable after many long-time lighting, and can fully meet the lighting function requirements. After testing, its packaging technology effectively reduces the junction temperature of the LED, improves the light-emitting effect of the light source, improves the reliability of the light source, and solves the shortcomings of the bulk of the LED light source, insufficient heat dissipation capability, and poor light-emitting effect, and can provide higher unit area. Thermal solution.

According to experts' estimates, the use of high-efficiency lighting products to replace traditional low-efficiency lighting products can save about 70% of electricity, and the market potential is huge. At present, China's lighting power consumption accounts for 12%-13% of the country's total electricity consumption. Each year, nearly 50 million new street lamps are added. If solar street lamps are used, the country will save 700 million yuan annually.
Source: Xinhuanet