Although the recent semiconductor industry chain frequency is expected to have an urgent single effect, Taiwan-based consumer IC industry, however, said that due to European and American customers have stopped placing orders, plus the end of 2011, the OEM and ODM fabs and downstream vendors will tighten the inventory level In the short term, only mainland customers will place orders, and the operating performance in the fourth quarter will probably fall into the category of nothing. In addition to the supply of Apple's new iPad production line, Ahn and Spectrum’s fourth quarter revenue outlook is relatively optimistic. Other Taiwanese ICs Designers mostly estimate that the single-quarter revenue will decline by 5% to 20%, and the 2011 highs have been reached in advance in September and October.

Taiwan-based consumer IC suppliers indicated that they would purchase goods at the end of the third quarter in order to buy gas in Europe and America during the Christmas season. They must hold their breath in the fourth quarter to wait for the final sales figures in Europe and the United States, visibility of orders from customers and orders. The volume has declined significantly compared with the third quarter. Recently, although mainland customers occasionally have emerged alone, and the industrial chain inventory level is low, customers still do not want to increase the inventory level of parts before the end of 2011. The fourth quarter of global consumer IC orders The average volume will decline by more than 20% from the third quarter. From the recent foreign MCU suppliers continue to downgrade the fiscal year 2011 and fourth quarter targets, we can see the light demand in the end market.

Taiwanese PC-related chip suppliers pointed out that since Intel did not launch a new chip platform, Microsoft's Windows 8 will not be launched until 2012. In the fourth quarter, the global PC market depends on Apple products and Ultrabook support, customer orders. Visibility is harder to change than in the third quarter, especially the recent flooding in Thailand hit hard disk supply! Chain, the global PC market fear grain situation, leaving customers reluctant to rush to improve the level of other component inventory, making Taiwanese PC designers have a conservative view of the fourth quarter operating outlook, do not think that the urgent single effect will be available Support the company's upward performance in the short-term operation.

Taiwan LCD driver IC suppliers pointed out that the fourth quarter of large-size driver ICs due to the global TV market demand has not significantly improved, will remain light in the short term, only the small and medium size driver IC demand due to the mainland smart mobile phone market better and better The situation appears to be constrained by large shipments of large-size driver ICs. Therefore, including Yuen Wo, Yuchuang, Xujing and Yuli are expected to report fourth-quarter revenue declines compared to the third quarter, but benefit from the mainland With some urgent orders, the decline in performance will be much smaller than in previous years.

At present, the Taiwanese IC design industry tends to maintain a conservative attitude toward the fourth quarter of operations. Although the short-term domestic demand market in China will have the urgent single effect of pulling the goods ahead of schedule in the Chinese Lunar New Year season, the industrial chain inventory level is also at a historically low level. Poor, Taiwanese IC design industry does not believe that the short-term mainland customers can advance the ignition of the goods.