Zhongzhao Lighting Engineering Design Award (Plaza Park Second Prize)

Project Name: Changping Strawberry International Expo Park Night Lighting Project

Reporting unit: Beijing Haoersai Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Launched by the International Horticultural Society, the World Strawberry Conference is the highest level event in the global strawberry industry. It is held every four years and has been successfully held for six times. The first six countries were held in Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, Finland, Australia, and Spain. Currently, Asian countries have not held such conferences. The World Strawberry Conference is an academic event that showcases the world's latest technological frontiers. It is also the vane of the world's strawberry industry development trend. It has a wide international reputation and influence and is known as the “Olympic Games Olympics”. Each session of the conference has effectively promoted the development of strawberry industry and technology in the host country.

In March 2008, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, the Strawberry Branch of the Chinese Horticultural Society and the Changping District Government jointly organized a delegation to Spain to participate in the 6th World Strawberry Conference, and actively bid for the 7th World Strawberry Conference. The advantage gained the right to host the 7th World Strawberry Congress in 2012.

The World Strawberry Conference came to Asia for the first time, came to China and came to Beijing. This is a historic breakthrough, marking the status and influence of Chinese strawberries in the world, and will surely bring rare opportunities and broad prospects for the development of the strawberry industry in Beijing.

The 7th World Strawberry Conference will be held in Beijing in 2012. It is not only another important opportunity to accelerate the development of metropolitan urban modern agriculture and the construction of new socialist countryside after the 7th China Flower Expo in 2009. It is also following 2008. After the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, another bright window for the capital's opening to the outside world and the achievements of the capital's modernization construction will be deepened.

The total area of ​​the park is about 432,000 square meters. It is divided into four zones according to functions: international zone, two central zone, domestic zone, theme park and Jiyu Lake.

The conference adopted the “one district, one, one park, two centers” mode, namely the boutique strawberry industry demonstration zone, the main venue, the strawberry expo garden, the training exhibition center and the processing and distribution center. The strawberry culture creative activities mainly include the creative content of the “Strawberry Expo Park”, the session function of the processing and distribution center and the training and exhibition center, and the post-meeting utilization. The overall landscape design and rich landscape around the “Strawberry Landscape Avenue” Content, increase cultural connotation, and develop and utilize creative content after the meeting; and develop characteristic cultural and creative projects and products, highlighting Chinese culture, Beijing characteristics and Changping's unique cultural and creative resources.

The 7th World Strawberry Conference consists of three parts: academic conference, exhibition and event. It will not only present an unprecedented academic event with unprecedented scale and academic level, but also an industry exhibition, industry demonstration, and economic and trade forum. A three-dimensional industrial exchange platform composed of network demonstrations will also organize a series of creative cultural activities for the public, including the first Changping Strawberry Culture Festival, which will be presented as a popular science and culture product for strawberry science, strawberry food and creative cultural products. The only ecological park in Beijing with the theme of agriculture.

Strawberry farm

Strawberry farm

Strawberry farm

Strawberry farm

2. Innovations in lighting design concepts and methods:

2.1. The design concept of this project is: inheriting the light of knowledge and civilization---the light of wisdom, looking forward to the light of high-tech---the light of science and technology, showing the light of a beautiful life---the warm light; using light to show technology, inherit culture.

2.2, performance techniques:

a. Characterizing the hydrophilic landscape of the lake area

b. Expressing the specific intention of the night landscape

c. Showing a positive spirit

d. Performance of the building

e. Rich city night landscape atmosphere

2.3, design method innovation points:

a. Architectural lighting combines the perception of the daytime, and the nighttime illumination of the building's texture and form is more thoroughly reflected by the LED full-color floodlights; most of the time, the red light is the main light, which also highlights the “strawberry "The characteristics of this subject color, the building evolved into a strawberry garden night logo;

b. Landscape lighting strives to highlight the uniqueness of each region, avoiding the common landscape lighting drawbacks such as layer confusion and color fancy; therefore, the lighting plan breaks through the convention, with “strawberry” as the design element, in landscape lamps, lawn lamps, floor tiles lamps. When the main lamps are made a big fuss, through the combination of lighting and “strawberry”, the interesting lighting fixtures greatly enhance people's perception and understanding of the strawberry garden at night.

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