CeBIT mobile Internet "connects the world"

The world's largest high-tech exhibition-Hannover Communication and Information Technology Expo (CeBIT) opened on the evening of March 1 in Hanover, northern Germany. The key theme of CeBIT this year is "Connected World". Spain is the partner country of this exhibition.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero of the rotating EU presidency attended the opening ceremony that evening.

Merkel said in his speech: "The Hannover Communication and Information Technology Expo is the 25th this year. Although in recent years sometimes the situation is not too good, it must be admitted that CeBIT is still the world's largest communication and information technology expo. (In recent years Come), CeBIT also encountered many challenges and competitions, such as the mobile phone exhibition in Barcelona, ​​Spain. However, the German government will continue to support CeBIT, hoping that CeBIT will continue to maintain the status of the world's largest and most attractive expo. "

According to the organizers, this exhibition will last for 5 days, and more than 4,150 exhibitors from 68 countries and regions around the world will bring their high-tech products. Due to the financial crisis and other factors, the number of exhibitors this year has decreased by about 140 compared with 2009, the lowest number of exhibitors in the past 20 years. In addition, the area of ​​this exhibition is also reduced by 10,000 square meters compared to last year, about 184,000 square meters. However, it is worth mentioning that nearly 300 companies participated in the exhibition for the first time, including Google and Internet trader Amazon.

At the core of CeBIT's content, the new theme is "Connected Worlds-Connected Worlds". The exhibition includes commercial IT, green IT, network and mobile solutions, network communities, intelligent transportation, telemedicine, security, banking and finance , Communication technology, ICT infrastructure equipment and distributors ’area. Among the 23 main venues of this year's CeBIT, 12 venues showcase enterprise-level technologies and products, and real consumer products only occupy 4 venues. The entrepreneur's representative who attended the opening ceremony was Mr. Bill McDermott, SAP's co-CEO. The performance after the opening ceremony was presented by IBM ...

It is reported that the products exhibited by Chinese exhibitors at this Hannover Communication and Information Technology Expo are mainly electronic consumer, digital products, satellite navigation, automotive solutions and communication products.

â‘ Extra large capacity mobile hard disk

A company called "Team Group" has launched two 2.5-inch hard disk boxes, namely TP1021 and TP1022. Among them, TP1022 is equipped with the latest USB3.0 interface, which can greatly improve the data transmission speed, and at the same time it can also support hard disk drives up to 640GB.

â‘¡The largest full HD 3D machine

MSI will showcase the world's largest full-HD 3D all-in-one on CeBIT. This machine features a 3D panel with 24-inch (1920x1080) LED backlight technology, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and a 32-nanometer Core processor, and will be equipped with a 3D shutter glasses for a great 3D experience. According to MSI, this 3D all-in-one will allow home users to have a "simple and comfortable 3D theater experience." But the price was not disclosed.

â‘¢ naked eye 3D technology breakthrough?

A Singaporean company will show its naked-eye 3D technology, which is quite interesting. The device used is a 27-inch display, and the first public technology exhibition will be held at Cebit 2010, which will open on March 2. The company is currently developing naked-eye 3D cinema technology, and the 27-inch device that will be on display will have very large developments. At present, no matter in the commercial or civil field, 3D will definitely rule the future. The current technology does not use any tools to present the picture in front of the screen. Through the first 64-frame picture, the 3D effect can be significantly improved. And the magic of this technology is that this effect can also be achieved on ordinary displays. In addition, the company is currently developing naked eye 3D projection technology, and claims to have mastered the naked eye 3D technology that can be mass-produced up to 100 inches.

â‘£ Archos9

Archos announced that they will launch the new Android Archos7 and the previously exposed Archos9 at this exhibition.

Archos7 is obviously an upgraded version of Archos5 that has been on the market before, and Archos has positioned them as an Android tablet with high cost performance suitable for home use. Archos7 will have a custom UI design, which has stronger media processing capabilities than the Android system. Archos will also release a larger size of Archos9, but this thing is running on the Windows + Atom processor, rather than the ARM chipset used by Archos5 and 7. Archos will announce Archos7 at CeBIT 2010, and we will know all the details by then.

⑤ The latest e-book products

The new version of BeBook e-book reader developed by Endless Ideas of the Netherlands will be unveiled at CeBIT in Hanover in 2009. Endless Ideas said on the company's official website that the new version of BeBook has added new design elements, including 3G mobile phones, WiFi data connection, touch screen navigation and RSS news customization service functions. It is reported that BeBook will also support ePub DRM digital rights management protection in a few months and will be released in the middle of the year. The first BeBook was launched in 2008. It is well received for its easy operation and more than 20,000 classic books.

â‘¥ Ultimate plug-in water cooling

Thermaltake (Tt) launched a water-cooled equipment, named ProWater880i, this is a new product in 2009, using a plug-in design, installed outside the chassis to save space in the box. ProWater880i is mainly composed of pure copper water cooling head, 350cc capacity water tank, P500 water pump and aluminum radiator with two 120mm fans installed. Different from the general water cooling equipment, the water cooling equipment can be directly installed on the rear baffle of the chassis, which saves a lot of space for users. ProWater880i is equipped with a P500 water pump that can provide 500 liters / hour of power. The two PWM fans equipped with a speed of 1000 ~ 2000rpm and a 3/8 hose are used. The water cooling head is suitable for Socket 478, LGA 775/1366 interface and AM2 / AM2 + interface CPU.

⑦Pocket multimedia player

Kirin will release the new multimedia player Xtreamer Pro. The product supports full HD video (mkv H.264) playback. Xtreamer Pro is equipped with a 7.1-channel digital audio system and supports HDMI 1.3.

⑧ ASUS launched high-end graphics

This graphics card is ASUS's top ROG ARES series graphics card. This series of graphics cards are the same as the previous ROG MARS. They all use the dual-core design independently developed by ASUS. What will be displayed at this meeting is a ROG ARES product based on ATI core. This product uses two HD5870 cores, the default frequency is 850MHz / 1200MHz, the memory capacity reaches the horrible 4G, and it is 28.2% higher than HD5970 under 3D mark Vantage. In addition, the heat sink of the graphics card is specially designed, and the noise is not very large, which is lower than the public version HD5970. From the design diagram, this product looks similar to the previous 7800 DUAL.

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