Average illumination calculation

1/ Average illuminance by capacity estimation: Eav=(ФxNxCUxMK)÷A

Eav=average illumination Ф= luminous flux CU=use factor MK=maintenance factor N=number of luminaires A=area (m2)

2/ The average illumination design office of an office:

A/design conditions:

The office is 18.2 meters long, 10.8 meters wide, 2.8 meters high on the ceiling, 0.85 meters high on the table top, a factor of 0.7, a maintenance factor of 0.8, and 33 sets of lamps. What is the average illuminance in the office?

B/Luminaire Solutions:

The luminaire adopts Shi Guang Di Ni Te DiNiT 2X55W anti-glare fluorescent lamps, luminous flux 3000Lm, color temperature 3000K, and color rendering Ra90 or more.

According to the formula listed in 1/, find:

Eav = (33 sets of X6000LmX0.7X0.8) ÷ (18.2 meters X 10.8 meters)

Eav=110880.00÷196.56 m2



Lighting design must require accurate use of the coefficient, otherwise there will be a large deviation, affecting the size of the utilization factor, mainly the following factors:

* Light distribution curve of lamps * Light output ratio of lamps * Indoor reflectance, such as ceiling, wall, work tabletop, etc. * The indoor area index with complex size of area lighting design requires professional lighting design software for computer simulation calculation.

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