AV selector circuit diagram

1.The strong technology group as well as the advanced equipment;
2.More than 40 years casting experience;
3.The Products have got good comments in the world market;
4.OEM service and special design service be accepted;
5.ISO9001-2008 Certified.

Pulley is the important tools for hoisting. It has simple structure and easy to use. It can change direction of
pulley, steel wire rope and high weight cargoes, especially series of pulley combined with windlass, mast and other lifting machinery.

It widely used in installation and construction. Its item from 0.03T to 320T, and wheels not exceed ten.

Our lifting tools including hooks, chain lifting ring and handing beam, you can choose one according to your need.



Pulley Block

Pulley Block, Stringing Block, Nylon Pulley

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