Dalian: Jiamei grows 10%

There are 200 lighting (lighting) dealers operating light bulbs in Dalian, including 10 specialty stores, 140 shop-in-shops and 50 comprehensive stores. The main brands are: NVC, Sanxiong, Jiamei, Delta, Leike, Pins, Mingpai, Carver, Sidon, Sanli, etc.

According to the person in charge of Dalian Jiamei Lighting, as the manufacturers updated the VI image of the storefront, and the promotion efforts increased, the product quality was excellent, and their sales volume increased by 10%. However, the product counterfeiting is serious, the market capacity is too small, the sales growth rate is too slow, the business brand awareness is not strong, the price competition is too cruel, and the profit margin is greatly reduced, which also plagues them.

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