Aiming at Samsung AMOLED, AUO is catching up Nowadays, AMOLED will become a popular panel display technology. It can be said that it is entirely from Samsung Arch. What we don’t know is that in the past, the Taiwan Plant’s development in AMOLED was ahead of the Korean Plant, but it was later abandoned and the resources were concentrated on the TFT-LCD. Now the Taiwan Plant has come back to catch up and AUO is expected to become the second in the world. Mass production of small and medium size AMOLED manufacturers.

Zhang Xiaoji, head of WitsView Research Department, said that compared to TFT, AMOLED does not need backlight, the advantages are light, thin, high contrast also makes AMOLED panel looks brighter colors; but there are inherent disadvantages, the resolution can not be high , And organic materials are not easy to control, yield is not easy to break through. Therefore, AMOLED is used by Samsung in mobile phones, tablets and other small and medium-sized TVs. Large-sized TVs are not so niche.

At present, Samsung has the most complete AMOLED layout, from organic materials, equipment to patents, etc., and has also developed flexible AMOLED. Samsung also has the largest capacity in AMOLED. According to DisplaySearch statistics, more than 97% of AMOLED shipments worldwide are contributed by Samsung. Samsung is actively investing in large-size R&D, and LGD has announced to invest in production lines of 8.5-year-old AMOLED. However, the original two Koreas The plant plans to launch a 55-inch AMOLED TV in the second half of the year. It seems that the yield rate has not been seen so far.

In the third quarter, AUO began mass production of four-and-three-inch AMOLED mobile phone panels from the 3-5th generation and AMOLED from the 4-5th generation LTPS production line in Singapore. It is also expected to join the next year, and large-size models are expected to launch samples at the end of the year. After CMO merger of Ts'aobao, it is also actively preparing mass production of small and medium size AMOLEDs.

Chinese panel makers also target AMOLEDs, including AMOLED experimental lines such as Tianma Micro and Huaxing, but they have not yet been mass-produced.

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