Into the exhibition hall of Aikeshi, the European style is in the eyes of the lights. Although the time since the last visit was just over a month, the new lighting has quietly told reporters that in order to welcome the arrival of the Light Fair, what changes have taken place here, only a few sofas in the center can evoke A little bit of memories before the show. The collective appearance of a variety of lighting, let us feel the strong creativity and market reaction of the brand.

The golden lamps reflect the grandeur of the entire exhibition hall, the number and style of the whole, as if a museum of lights is presented here. Thinking is affected by this atmosphere and drifts to a distant realm, making people feel like a romantic trip to Europe. The effect of the light reflects the rise of people's yearning for noble and high-grade life. The high-end layout of the entire exhibition hall is also fascinating. Accompanied by the translator, the two Finnish guests carefully tasted the flavor of the country in a foreign country. They couldn't help but raise their thumbs and rushed to the reporter and nodded and said several "very good". The accompanying staff told reporters that the Finnish guests were deeply attracted by the lights when they were at the door. Although they still have a lot of places to go, they also pay attention to time and efficiency, but look here before and after. Two times, no regrets the meaning of time.

On a slow trip to Europe, there is always a passionate guide, and at this moment, Aike Shidun Li has experienced the taste of being a tour guide. The boutique area from the gate to the inner room is only a dozen meters away, but the “visitors” often spend a large part of their time, staying in front of their favorite lighting to watch what every exhibitor must do. In the crowd, the reporter noticed a dealer who came from afar from Inner Mongolia. At this time, he was like a child full of curiosity. From time to time, he touched it. Then, in a short while, he entered the door together. The “visitors” opened the distance and asked while looking at them. They were really busy with the staff of the exhibition hall.

As we all know, the exhibition hall of Aike Shidun has been on the first floor of the exhibition hall of the ancient town. At this ancient town lighting expo, Aike Shidun has won many customers with its unique decoration and perfect display effect. A dealer from Yantai, Shandong Province revealed to reporters that he had done more than a decade of lights and saw a lot of lights, but every time he always found some highlights in Axton, he found some extraordinary. Consumers in Shandong have a soft spot for simple, straightforward lighting, and with the entry of a large number of Koreans in recent years, they have a special preference for European-style lights, so the lights of Aikeshidun have room for development.

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