Information content: Data
Trademark: tienchan
Specification: IEC
Origin: China
Bionic telecoom tower are used to match the natural environment when it lies, especially in beauty sports. It pocesses all advantages of mono-pole tower together with bionic sculpt and outlook. People will not easily be on to its existence from its surrouding.
More detailed advantages:

Exquisite and vivid outlook. Since bioinc telecom tower is made according to actual plant, new special antenna are hide in the branches and leaves, so it get very good match with surrounding;
Reliable structure. Self support reinforced steel-concrete base is adopted to avoid unbalanced sinkage. Feeding cables are fixed inside the pole body to prevent its quick aging outside. Inside flange connection promise good concentricity and perpendicularity to avoid safety risk;
Small floor area. Subuliform mono-pole structure uses about 1-2 m2 floor area with 4-6 m2 foundation area. Base station fence is also not used to save cost;
Long life. Small breaking forces on the tower body will make it have long life. Emulational cortex and leaves are made with water-proof, fire-resistant and anti-corrosion material, so it will not desquamate in quite a long time.